Therapeutic exercise for musculoskeletal injuries /

Houglum, Peggy A., 1948-

Therapeutic exercise for musculoskeletal injuries / Peggy A. Houglum. - 4th edition - Champaign, IL : Human Kinetics [2016]. - xviii, 1149 pages : illustrations ; 29 cm

Includes bibliographical references and index.

Concepts of rehabilitation -- Concepts of healing -- Concepts of body mechanics -- Examination and assessment -- Range of motion and flexibility -- The ABCs of proprioception -- Muscle strength and endurance -- Plyometrics -- Functional performance-specific development -- Posture and body mechanics -- Ambulation and ambulation aids -- Aquatic therapeutic exercise -- Manual therapy -- Therapeutic exercise equipment -- Total body considerations -- Creating the rehabilitation program -- Sacroilium and pelvic stabilization -- Spine -- Shoulder and arm -- Elbow and forearm -- Wrist and hand -- Foot, ankle, and leg -- Knee and thigh -- Hip

A comprehensive text for understanding and applying therapeutic exercise techniques. Thoroughly updated, this resource contains an extensive explanation of the science and application involved in developing safe therapeutic programs for the general population as well as individualized programs for specific clientele. With content specifically aligned with the National Athletic Trainers' Association (NATA) accreditation standards, it is a key text for students preparing for the athletic trainers' Board of Certification exam. In the text, the author presents the most current evidence-based information regarding therapeutic exercise techniques. This information and the author's knowledge gained from nearly 40 years of experience working in athletic training facilities, orthopedic physical therapy clinics, hospitals, and sports medicine clinics offer readers a mix of research-based theory and experience-based clinical applications. One of six texts in the Athletic Training Education Series, it assists readers' understanding of the why, what, and when of therapeutic exercise techniques. It not only describes how to perform therapeutic exercise techniques, but it also details what occurs physiologically, why applications are important, and when treatments are effective. This approach encourages professionals to critically examine each patient's situation and to develop programs to safely rehabilitate injured individuals. -- From book cover

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Sports injuries--Exercise therapy
Spor yaralanmaları--Egzersiz tedavisi.
Sports injuries--Treatment
Spor yaralanmaları--Tedavi.
Exercise therapy--Methods.
Egzersiz tedavisi--Yöntemler.

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